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Spring by PixieCold

Okay so I have so many things to say about it I don't even know how to start...
I'm not sure about what I should say about it, it's like an abstract painting, because every person gets a different feeling for every art. I love it, it's just so nice looking and every single detail makes it even better!
I will, literally (or maybe not..), KILL the person that says it's not original. OH MY GOD IT'S SO AMAZING! And I know that if I saw it anywhere I'd know it's yours, I already know your style and I must say I'm your fan.
Okay, I don't really need to say anything about it, I'm sure you know you are amazingly talented. I'm so glad I discovered your art here with all these artists.. Thank you destiny! Please, PLEASE, don't EVER stop doing what you do. You make me happy, if I'm sad I look at your gallery and it instantly makes me feel a lot better, really. <3
The first thing I thought of when I saw it, like many others but for some reason in a special way, was "Holy.. Wow, just WOW." I kept looking at it for like 5 minutes just checking detail by detail, and it's amazing how you made it look so perfectly awesome, even the little dots seem to be in the exactly perfect spot, it's just amazing. I don't know how to explain.. I just love it.
Keep rocking! :hug:
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